Nov. 14, 2023 – H.M.

Congratulations! You’ve found your way to Attorney Emily Gardner, whom my family and I consider an exceptionally skilled lawyer and clear-eyed legal counselor. Over the past year, Emily has steered us through the (often!!) troubled waters of real estate documentation in Hawaii. As her client, you will also, I confidently predict, find her to be articulate, fair-minded, respectful, and consistently focused on the issues of first importance to you. The more that legal complexities appear, the more those qualities shine. In the bargain, her fee schedule is fair and balanced in all ways I have evaluated it.

Here is a legal advisor of the first order, one who knows what she stands for, and for whom service and “value-received” are central commitments.

Jan. 26, 2021 – P.W.

I hired Emily to help with a complicated issue involving the sale of a home while the property was occupied by tenants with a long lease. Emily was able to negotiate with tenants to end their lease if the property got sold. She also helped iron out negotiations with a difficult buyer resulting in a better sale outcome. She was capable , diligent and easy to work with. In sum, I was very pleased and would strongly recommend her.

Jun. 12, 2020 – C.M.

Emily is the rare professional who combines a compassionate heart with diligent competence. She assisted us out of a very complicated tenant case under COVID conditions. Although there are many ways an attorney could have navigated through the situation (or even opted out altogether), she chose the most direct path out for our safety. She worked tirelessly to address concerns, and was realistic about expected outcomes. Because of her decades of experience, she was able to anticipate and strategize accordingly. However, she also genuinely cares about being fair and respectful to all parties involved so we trusted her judgement to assist us as ethically and professionally as possible. She’s an incredible asset, and someone we would not hesitate to have in our corner again. And yes, she was locally referred to us by a friend, and whom we will refer to our other friends as well! Our family is so very grateful for her services. Mahalo!

Jun. 07, 2020 – I.M.

Ms. Gardner was a godsend in helping us resolve a tenant dispute with a short term renter who wouldn’t leave. We called over 15 lawyers, and no one else was even willing to try. Our lawyer on the mainland said we were incredibly fortunate with the outcome of the situation, and I credit it all to Ms. Gardner.